About Us

KIDS Center is a medical model child abuse intervention center providing child abuse evaluations that include a head-to-toe medical exam, child-friendly forensic interview and family support services to help connect families with community resources to minimize life stressors and reduce future opportunities for abuse to occur. We also offer therapeutic services to help children and families begin to process and overcome the trauma of abuse. In addition, our services include prevention programs to help teach adults in our community how to better protect children from abuse. Click below for more about our team, employment opportunities, financials and tours.

Staff & Board


KIDS Center has 28 staff members and 2 on-site Deschutes County Mental Health Therapists that are co-located within our building. Our work is governed by an engaged and active Board of Directors from across Central Oregon.



Spend one hour learning about KIDS Center during our in-depth facility tour.



As employment opportunities arise, KIDS Center welcomes applicants who share a passion for keeping kids safe. The core values that guide our daily work are compassion, teamwork and work-life balance.

In the Media


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Annual Reports


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