Become a Table Captain

What Is a Table Captain?

Table Captains are the heart and soul of this luncheon.  They introduce others to KIDS Center by inviting nine of their friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to join them as a guest at their table.  We will help you fill your table if needed. You do not need to make a direct ask for a donation – you simply hand out envelopes to your guests at the end of the luncheon when prompted.  All guests should be advised that this is a fundraising luncheon and we hope to have 100% participation!

Why Should I Become a Table Captain?

Not only do you raise money to help the most vulnerable children in our community, but you also raise awareness of child abuse and KIDS Center.  You may even help a friend without knowing it…child abuse happens in secret. You never know who might need our services! You help expand our community of supporters which is essential to the financial stability and growth of our programs.

How Do I Become a Table Captain?

Contact Joni Gullixson at, or fill out and send her the Table Captain Registration form included in the tools below.

Table Captain Toolkit

The resources shown below will help you to be successful in your role as Table Captain and Ambassador for KIDS Center’s Healing Hearts Luncheon.


Having trouble downloading what you need?  Email for assistance.