Blue Ribbon Campaign

The Blue Ribbon Campaign began in the spring of 1989 when Bonnie Finney of Virginia lost her grandson, Michael Dickenson. The three-year-old died at the hands of her daughter’s abusive boyfriend. Bonnie tied a blue ribbon to her car – symbolizing the blue of her grandson’s bruises – and encouraged her community to do the same. Over the past 30 years, the Blue Ribbon Campaign has grown into a nation-wide event, bringing communities together to protect children.

Each year in Central Oregon more than 50,000 blue ribbons are distributed locally during the month of April by volunteers and community partners to promote child abuse prevention. As part of the Blue Ribbon Campaign, we are asking you to “Speak Up and Save a Child.” It is a call for the adult community to take an active role in protecting the children of Central Oregon. By simply taking a child abuse prevention training, you raise awareness of child abuse in our community and create a safer environment for all children.

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Speak Up, Save a Child!

Everybody holds a piece of the puzzle in preventing child abuse. You can “Speak Up and Save a Child” by:

• Alerting authorities immediately if you suspect a child is at risk of abuse. Learn more about how to report a suspicion of abuse here.

• Taking Darkness to Light’s: Stewards of Children® training and join over one million adults who are trained to recognize, report, and prevent child sexual abuse.

• Talking to children about their bodies and what they can do if someone is making them feel uncomfortable.

• Taking a SafetyNet® Internet Safety Training to learn how children to stay safe while online.

• Donating to KIDS Center or to MountainStar.

• Talking to other adults about child abuse prevention in your neighborhood and community. Host a prevention training at your house for friends and family to learn more about how to protect our children.

Pick up a blue ribbon to wear through the month of April at KIDS Center or MountainStar, or at one of the many local businesses throughout Central Oregon. For more information about MountainStar’s events, visit

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The Blue Ribbon Campaign is brought to you through a partnership by KIDS Center and MountainStar.

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