Internet Safety Training Has a New Look!

Author: Rachel Visser, Prevention & Education Coordinator

Being born in the 80s meant that I had the unique opportunity to see the rise of technology, via the Internet, while still experiencing the pain of using the hard copy set of Encyclopedia Britannica to write my sixth grade report on Hawaii. Since then, the Internet, alongside technology, has evolved and grown to become part of our daily routine to the point where we frequently ask, “how did we do this before without technology?”.

Busy lives and tight schedules don’t often allow for you to sit down and research all the tips and how-to’s one would need to protect yourself or your children when engaging with the Internet. Yet as Central Oregon’s child abuse intervention center, KIDS Center saw the need to educate parents and youth alike in ways to keep them safe and savvy while online. 

Because we knew that one person couldn’t keep up with the way the landscape of the digital world changes daily, KIDS Center decided to turn towards experts to help us provide the most up to date information to our community through our new training, SafetyNet®.

With SafetyNet, we can bring topics such as social networking, online predators, and inappropriate texting, to not only our adults, but also our youth, to discuss the benefits of being online but also the reasons to protect and be cautious. 

Here are some tips and stats you will learn in our training:

  • Download updates for your phone and apps.
  • Share scams with your kids
  • Turn off Location Sharing on all social media platforms
  • 1 in 10 under 10 have been exposed to pornography 
  • Talk openly and honestly with your children about internet safety
  • Identify 3 trusted adults, outside of yourself, your child can go and talk to

Head over to KIDS Center’s training page to learn more or to sign up for a training.