Isn’t Raising Kids Hard Enough?! Let’s Talk About It!

As the day inches closer to where I will enter the ranks of being a “parent,” I’ve come to the realization that parenting isn’t just about keeping your child alive from one day to the next; although that is a key component, so I’ve been told. There are manners and values and life skills and experiences and…and…AND! The list seems to be never-ending and seems to grow longer as children grow into adulthood. Oh, and all of this is done, apparently, by trial and error. There isn’t a manual that states what to do on day 243 of your child’s life, nor is there a step-by-step guide of how to diffuse a meltdown in the middle of grocery shopping. Luckily, there are some topics that do come with a tip sheets and how-to guides. 

At KIDS Center, we know that parenting can provide moments of stress and despair when facing certain situations. One of these is how to talk to your child about their body and body safety. What even is considered normal sexual development in a 4-year old?! Knowing this, KIDS Center developed their Let’s Talk About It training designed for parents, caregivers, and even caretakers, such as preschool and daycare providers, to learn about the different sexual developmental stages and how to begin to have conversations about body parts and body safety. But probably the most crucial part of the training is when we discuss what to do when we notice behaviors that lean towards being problematic in nature and determining when it is appropriate to reach out to professionals for support. This is ideal for those who are raising or work with children between the ages of 0 – 12 years of age.

We understand that these topics are difficult and sometimes embarrassing to talk about, but Let’s Talk About It infuses humor, peer discussion, and group brainstorming to demonstrate that not only are we all on the same page, but there is nothing to fear in discussing topics that society deems “taboo.” Raising children doesn’t have to be done in a bubble or with this sense of doom lurking over your shoulder. Having knowledge about what is coming and how to handle it can easily prevent a situation from arising and can help us parents keep our wits when we see our 4-year old engaging in age-appropriate body exploration. In fact, the training dives into the differences between such explorations and inappropriate knowledge and/or behaviors that were potentially taught or learned. Our goal is to encourage parents to have an open and honest relationship with their children can create an environment to receive disclosures.

So now that you’re itching to get this training under your belt what do you need to do? It’s simple:

  • Grab a group of friends that are parents and set up a private training
  • Get all the parents in your neighborhood to come and take a training
  • Live in an apartment complex? Set up a training for any and all parents who might be interested!
  • Work at a preschool or daycare? Have your director call and set up a group training for your staff and parents.

Just contact us and we can help you begin to learn, understand, and protect your children!