We Persist. Join Us!

We persist because we believe…

…It is possible to live in a world without child abuse. 

…Kids are the future.

…Child abuse is preventable.

…It is the responsibility of adults, not kids, to keep kids safe. 

…One safe and loving adult makes a drastic difference in a child’s life.

…It is worth temporary discomfort to be brave and speak up for one another. 


We persist because child abuse still exists, so we…

…Remain hopeful because there are real steps we can take to prevent child abuse.

…Strive to bring communities together with the tools and education they need to keep kids safe. 

…Collaborate with other prevention agencies to maximize the potential for positive change.

…Develop safety procedures and codes of conduct with youth-serving organizations to help them ensure their environments and staff protect kids. 

…Advocate for resources for families that have experienced abuse, so they can focus on helping their kids grow and heal.

…Model consent and respect for kids’ body boundaries so they know their bodies belong only to them. 

…Wear blue ribbons during the month of April to honor the lives that have been impacted by child abuse and to remind us of our hope for a world where all children grow up safe and valued.


We persist because we know you can make all the difference!

Will you join us in ending child abuse?

Will you talk with your family about how you can help each other stay safe, both in-person and online?

Will you model consent by asking the kids in your life if they want a hug instead of assuming?

Will you talk to other adults about your family’s rules and boundaries so you can support each other’s parenting efforts?

Will you join us in wearing a blue ribbon this April to show your commitment to preventing child abuse?


Thank you for all you do to support kids and KIDS Center.