Our Medical Exams

medical exam

Our medical evaluations are child-oriented and we aim to make the child feel as comfortable as possible. Children are examined without their caregiver, providing them the opportunity to speak freely, without fear of upsetting their caregiver with their disclosures. The medical examiner and interviewer work as a team and are together for the exam.

The physical examination is accompanied by a medical interview, during which the child is asked questions about every part of their body. While the examination is very important for a thorough evaluation and potential collection of physical evidence, the child is reassured that they have choices throughout the process and that no part of the examination is painful. Children who have been victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect often have concerns about their bodies that they are too embarrassed to voice. This examination is a wonderful opportunity to address those concerns in a caring and gentle manner. We take photographs of any concerning injuries as part of the head-to-toe examination.

Our Medical Examiners are experienced health care providers who are also able to address general health and developmental concerns, as well as acute illnesses such as ear infections or strep throat as part of the examination.