Safe Touch Curriculum


This is a must-have sexual abuse prevention curriculum for every elementary school. The activities, songs, stories, and detailed discussions focus on empowering children in grades K-5.

(Meets SB 856 requirements for K-5 children only)

The curriculum includes a teacher’s curriculum lesson plan book.

Supplemental Resources (purchase separately):

  • Not in Room 204 (book)
  • My Body Belongs to Me
  • My Feelings (book)
  • My Body is Private (book)
  • Your Body Belongs to You
  • KIDS Center’s It’s My Body Workbook
  • Internet Safety: The Safe Side (DVD)

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Although the Learning Objectives are the same for all grade levels, the activities and materials have been selected and tested for age appropriateness. One curriculum package can be used for more than one class and grade level. Student sheets may be copied for classroom use. (Items provided may vary from picture).

“Protecting children is our responsibility. The SafeTOUCH curriculum provides educators the resources they need to empower students. The information is excellent! SafeTOUCH is an essential component of the safety curriculum in our district.”

Desiree Margo, Principal, Redmond, Oregon.

Safe Touch Course Curriculum


Introduction and Philosophy
How to Start a Prevention Program in your School (includes outlines for: Teacher/Counselor Training Session and Parent Info Night)
Common Parental Concerns
Teaching Tips
Definitions and Sexual Abuse Indicators
Reporting Sexual Abuse
Supplemental Resources and Websites


The SafeTOUCH curriculum is divided into easy to use 5-day lesson plans and optional activities for each kindergarten-fifth grade level.

Learning Objectives:

Students will learn that their body is their own and they are in charge of it.
Students will acquire the skills and techniques to identify unsafe situations and to react appropriately.
Students will learn to respond assertively to unwanted or inappropriate touch.
Students will learn to leave and tell a trusted adult.
The five-day lesson plan:

K-1 grades= 30 minutes each day
2-3 grades= 45 minutes each day
4-5 grades= 45 minutes each day