Child Abuse Trainings for Schools


In 2015, the Oregon legislature passed SB 856, also known as Erin’s Law.  Effective immediately, Erin’s Law requires the development and adoption of child sexual abuse prevention programs for students in kindergarten through 12th grade in all Oregon public schools.  Oregon is the 24th state to pass a version of Erin’s Law.

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More information on curricula that may help meet the law or to purchase, see below:

Darkness to Light


Experts estimate that 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. This interactive training provides participants with 5 steps to better protect children from sexual abuse. It gives adults tools for recognizing the signs of sexual abuse and responding to suspicious behavior. The course gives simple ways to minimize opportunities for abuse in organizations and in our community.

Safer, Smarter Kids and Teens


Safer, Smarter Kids and Teens is an abuse prevention education curriculum designed to provide appropriate information to equip children with the tools and language they need to better protect themselves from abuse. This curriculum was developed in collaboration with Lauren Book, M.S. Ed, a developmental psychologist and career educators. Each grade level’s theme focuses on developing skills for staying safe as it relates to the expansion of a child’s world and aligns with their social studies framework. (Meets SB 856 requirements for all grade levels. Darkness to Light: Stewards of Children meets parent and teacher component.)




This is a must-have sexual abuse prevention curriculum for every elementary school. The activities, songs, stories, and detailed discussions focus on empowering children in grades K-5.