What to Expect on Your First Visit

When your child has been referred for an evaluation, we realize that coming to KIDS Center can seem like an overwhelming experience. Our goal is to provide every family with a safe and supportive place to share your experience without judgment. Below is a step-by-step guide for what you and your child can expect when you come to KIDS Center. If you have any questions before your visit, you can call us at 541.383.5958 and ask to speak with a family support specialist.

KIDS Center provides translation services, free of charge, to clients who do not speak English. If you need assistance, please let a member of staff know that you need an interpreter.

KIDS Center proporcionan servicios traducidos, gratuito, a clientes que no hablan inglés. Si necesitan asistencia, favor de avisar a un personal que usted necesita un intérprete. El intérprete será disponible para explicar qué va a pasar durante la visita y para ayudarle a entender el proceso de KIDS Center.

Welcome to KIDS Center


KIDS Center offers a safe and caring environment for children to share their experiences of abuse. It is a welcoming place filled with toys, teddy bears, games, and smiling faces. Our staff will do everything we can to help you and your family feel comfortable throughout your visit.


What to Bring


Bringing your completed paperwork helps make the most of your time at KIDS Center. Paperwork may be mailed or emailed to you, or you may download and print it off our website here.


Make Yourself Comfortable


To help you feel more comfortable, we have two private family waiting rooms; one suited for younger children and one for teens. Every family is paired with an evaluation team consisting of a medical examiner, an interviewer, and a family support specialist to help guide you through your evaluation.


Getting Started


The team will meet with you as the primary caregiver to gather medical and social history for your child and family. This helps KIDS Center staff better understand your family’s needs.


Child-Friendly Interview


Our forensic interview process is child-friendly and we work hard to put kids at ease and allow them to tell their stories in an understanding, non-judgmental environment.


Medical Exam


Children receive a voluntary head-to-toe medical exam to address both abuse-related and general health concerns.


Support and Advocacy for Your Family


A Family Advocate will help answer any questions you may have throughout the process and connect you with additional community resources to support you during this time. They will also be available to you in the days and weeks following your child’s evaluation.


Wrapping Up


After the interview and medical exam, KIDS Center staff will meet with the caregiver to share what was learned throughout the evaluation and discuss next steps and recommendations.


Next Steps


Families will have the opportunity to speak with a mental health therapist at the time of the evaluation who can provide information and answer questions about how to help your family cope with reactions about the abuse and respond to any challenging behaviors. If therapy is recommended, the therapist can connect you with therapy to help your family begin the healing process.